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Are our minds free? Why are there no new Gods?


As a yogi and ex economist I have to ask why are there no viable startup religions or schools of thought?

Many  people have seen the info graphic of how a small group of mega companies produce a plurality of what people use on a daily basis. Most people cannot stop feeding these corporations no matter how much they would like to do so. 

We hear the wonders of free markets but for markets to be free there cannot be the massive barriers to entry that exist. 

While I don't care about consumer products, what about our minds? How are there only 5 or 6 major religions (including no religion)? What happened to all the failed ones, did their god turn out to be a fabrication or stories proven to be fabrications?

What happens when a product gets through the walls and starts to win share in the market place? Often it is absorbed and is changed. The owners say I will never sell never ...  Until I get enough and #cyalater. Take my work and use it to create new barriers for the next group. 

It is almost impossible to think much less spread your thinking outside the normal thoughts, the mental barriers are too great. 

That does not mean we should stop trying.  We just have to teach a better way to think. 

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Most startup founders I know believe more in culture than religion.

That is, they believe in cultural identities (customs and values) rather than religious ones (rituals and morals).

Fair enough, you could argue that the "hippy" culture was unique, where is it?  Are there new customs and values?

How quickly did "urban" culture get absorbed? 

I am starting to teach my little boy mantras as he can remember. 

I asked him if he remembered, he said yes so I asked him if he could say it. 

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in, shame on me..."

Maybe there are new Gods

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