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"Infinite scroll is so frustrating for me... There's no finishing, only forfeit." ~@fchimero

Infinite scroll is so frustrating for me. It turns every website into a battle I can’t win. There’s no finishing, only forfeit.
4:49 PM Jul 11 2012

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I concur.

I hate infinite scroll. I'd much rather page.

Thank goodness Tumblr lets me turn infinite scroll off.

I wish Twitter would take the hint.

Get your hands off the infinite scroll, 9gag...


disagree....hate pages

So you prefer infinite scroll?

I do. I dislike pages. Too many sites spread their content to drive more clicks/views/ads.

The notion of winning against an infinite source of content seems silly. You continue to read or browse until interest fades. Content sites are not email inboxes.

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