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How Twitter’s CEO closes deals | PandoDaily

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Q: Why isn't this going to work?

A: Failing to make bold choices. 

That's such a bad answer:

In LA, on the second to last day of the road show, Costolo got challenged. One guy sitting in a corner had been quiet the whole time. At the end of the meeting he took off his glasses and stared at Costolo, before asking ‘You’re a really good pitch person. You present well.’ Then came the kicker: ‘Why isn’t this going to work?’

Costolo admits it was a great question. His answer: Twitter’s continued success or failure will come down to execution. “Failing to make bold choices,” Costolo concludes. “That’s how you fail. You start to only focus on incrementalism instead of making bold choices.”

I'm not sure I have a EVER seen Twiitter make a bold choice. It's ALL incrementalism.

There are many other ways he can fail:

1. Something better comes along. Twitter can't change what it fundamentally is.

2. People get bored with Twitter. I myself have gotten bored and quit it several times now.

3. Twitter's noise outweighs its signal. Arguably that's already the case.

4. Awful ads. Come to think of it, I've never seen a good Twitter ad.

5. Twitter abuses its monopoly power over tweets, forever tainting the brand.

And so on.

There are LOTS of ways it can fail.

It is arrogant and sloppy to smoosh all those ways together and call them "bold choices".

No one NEEDS Twitter to survive. If Twitter forgets that it certainly will die.

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