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Face(s)mash 2.0? 3.0?


A horrible little App describes itself as the following. 

Finally! A way to beat the crap out of people on Facebook! Tired of hearing about Farmville or Zodiac readings? Fed up with updates about someone's breakfast? FaceSmash is the solution. Grab your Facebook friends' photos and let 'em have it! Beat them silly, then post it for all to see. Practice up for FREE, then challenge them to a FaceSmash Battle in the full version for only $0.99!

So this week Facebook held a day long symposium on Compassion. 

I could probably stop here. 

The irony of this is pretty spectacular.  Recently I made some comments about the gross misunderstanding of Karma. Briefly karma is the suffering caused by dualistic thinking that chooses one as superior to another.  Most specifically that one person is preferred to another.  When I elevate one and or denigrate another I plant a karmic seed that grows into a tree that comes to completion as a poisonous fruit.  Ironicly Facebook started as a hot or not Facemash now we can add an S to the domain and virtually beat our friends. 

If our society is not compassionate can we realistically expect a social network dedicated to page views clicks and ad revenue to be compassionate or even move in that direction? 

Can you create a poisonous tree and somehow transform it into edible nourishment? 

 The Facebook Compassion group might want to look at this exchange. on Ted Cruz's Facebook page. Cruz one of the most poisonous figures in politics tries to say something nice about Nelson Mandela and the hate flies in all directions. 

But hey, more clicks more money. 

There is no need to burn the tree down, it will rot from the inside. 

There is a need for a network where people can truly support one another and learn compassion but it must be from a seed that is entirely pure and must be treated for the disease and infestations that will occur.  

Until then everyone will be drawn to the poison thinking it is food. 

Note: I am tired of fighting horrible ads while trying to show a choo choo video to my toddler. I want my kids to use the iPad I just don't want to feel like I can't take a 5 minute shower and leave them alone with it. So yeah I am taking to google as well and the whole system 

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I hear you.

Tell me more about the Facebook symposium on compassion.

I am pretty sure that you were invited :)

Please note I don't want to come across as cynical, realistic yes and frustrated definitely but not cynical. 

I have no doubt that academic and maybe even corporate individuals that are making these efforts have good intentions but in the current state maximizing views (profit) will by definition minimize compassion.

If haters are going to hate, the network has to be based on a premise where haters won't gather.  They are welcome if they want to pay and contribute and renounce the hate, but then they won't be haters any more. Not moderated and policed, that doesn't work and all must be invited as we cannot pick and choose, however you must earn the right to use the network through contribution and/or accumulation of compassionate actions.

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