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Your small minds are musclebound with suspicion. That's because the only exercise you ever get is jumping to conclusions.

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I pledge to not go and see the remake of this film. :-) Love this quote which is one of the last lines of the film. 

The remake is doomed to be bad? Isn't it possible it could be good?

sigh... it is possible..  writes the die hard Danny Kaye Fan...  LOL..and by some standards the original may not have been the best film ever... Most of Danny's movies seemed to be a platform to showcase his unique gifts. So I see his films as the backdrop to his talent... and therefore uniquely his... I like doing imitations of the Court Jester but not sure I would see that remake either. 

Well said. 

It's possible the remake won't replace the original but instead offer its own point of view.

And sometimes the book/story is enough! 

Anyways, my thoughts on Walter White as Walter Mitty:

We believe I the interconnectedness of all things, eh?

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