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Creativity is rejected: Teachers and bosses don’t value out-of-the-box thinking.

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Those teachers and bosses are not very creative.

Maintaining a "system" hinges on not valuing creativity.   Think about the school system, it focuses on getting good grades, which is not necessarily a good determinant of future success for everyone, and even worse, discriminates against those whose skill sets don't lend themselves to "doing well in school" and then takes it step further by marking them as "unlikely" to succeed for the rest of their life, so we are always surprised when the "class clown" or "high school drop out" turns into a raging business success.

This message seems to be a recurring theme on PandaWhale.  I LOVE IT.

It is such an exciting time to re think some of the frameworks our assumptions are built on. There is a gentle balance between the organism and the organization. The organism that inspires the organization can be killed it.  The organic nature of growing institutions fueled by inspiration and passion can die inside organizational systems which become coffins that literally cut off the air necessary for these organization and by extension the industries they represent. 

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