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Twitter nukes for good.

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Apparently I'm in the minority as someone who preferred the light, fun on the left that was fast, simple, and just worked.

Now every Twitter client resembles the slick, freezes-my-browser, Jack-approved-because-all-look-same user experience on the right.

By making all of Twitter behave the same way, Twitter becomes even less about the tweets and more about us seeing the tweets the way Twitter wants us too. Deviation is treason; Tweetbot, your days are numbered.

Even now I'm hyperventilating from that claustrophobic, my-underwear-is-too-tight Square-esque style that is Dorsey's signature move.

The Web is supposed to be messy.

The Web is a friend of mine.

Twitter, you're no Web.

Twitter is too neat and controlled and tightly wound.

Feels like it could snap at any time.

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