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When Art, Apple and the Secret Service Collide: 'People Staring at Computers' by Threat Level, Wired

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That Steve Jobs picture is freaking me out, man. :)

Having said that, the payoff at the end of this article was well-worth the read:

I’ve learned you have to be careful when you get lost in an idea. As an artist, you have to get a little lost. Otherwise you won’t discover anything interesting. But you have to avoid getting so lost that you’re unable to walk away and keep exploring.

This isn’t to say artists should avoid things just because they’re illegal — one of our most important responsibilities is to challenge every kind of social norm. But I would advocate balance. Even if you’re operating in a legal gray zone, it’s essential to spend time reflecting on your own ethical boundaries, and considering the ramifications of your actions. I’m sure Apple could have made things much more complicated. It would have been an infinitesimally small percentage of their already unreasonable legal expenses. But for me, it could have turned into years of lost time.

Excellent story. Thank you for posting, Eric.

Wow.  Just. Wow. "Sometimes it’s up to a single spectator to decide whether something is art or not, whether it moves them, makes them think, or has any other impact. Maybe it’s the customs agent, or the visitors to a gallery or museum. Over time, these kind of cultural decisions are made by people in power: judges and other legal entities, gallery owners, curators, media theorists, collectors. With “People Staring at Computers,” I saw something new: a massive audience engaged in a collective decision-making about the culture they wanted to adopt, in realtime, via comment threads strewn across blog posts and news articles"

Yeah, that's a pretty wonderful quote!

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