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PubNub = MtGox Bitcoin Real-Time Price Streaming

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They guarantee all prices are within 1/4 second real time:

What he did do was point me to MtGox’s developer page on the service, first quietly posted about two weeks ago, which notes that it opted for PubNub “due to the difficulty to cope with the kind of volumes of data [needed] to broadcast real-time while keeping a reliable service.”

The page also describes a list of public channels created on the PubNub API that can be accessed by third party developers that use Bitcoin data.

The new solution kit covers a few different areas, PubNub says:

– Real time public pricing data stream for financial streams that can be sent to “millions of devices in less than ¼ of a second without the need for any costly servers or configuration.”

– Transaction and pricing history, which encrypts private data streams.

– Secure streaming channels to users.

– Community message board features such as user detection and collaboration.

– User analytics for exchanges to track trade volume, pricing, geographical information and more over time.

– PubNub guarantees that network sockets remain open to any device “so Bitcoin pricing data and trades are delivered in under ¼ of second anywhere in the world.”

Bitcoin — a cryptocurrency whose supporters believe it offers a viable, more efficient and scalable way of paying for things than more traditional fiat currencies — has also been the subject of a lot of criticism for being a bubble currency only being pushed ahead by speculators.

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