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These guys are backed by Y-Combinator..

Can someone explain me how is it different from open source upload components integrated with amazon cloud?...

I was wondering the same thing.

Integration with Github and Dropbox?

I think it's SLA and cross-platform. It takes some work to make it production quality with monitoring and management.

I see this as interesting trend of building whole stuck components, which can be integrated in two lines of javascript/mobile code.

On small scale, the cost of building this will still be higher even that massive markup on amazon cloud.

Makes me start thinking about making actions_editor - a product.

Wow, that really takes Anything-As-A-Service to a much finer grain.

If you can make a good editor, you'll really have something.

On the other hand, you might die trying.

Look at all these JavaScript WYSIWIG editors that tried and failed.

Yep, they all failed because they were trying to mimic word. You know - three rows of buttons.

I'm trying to mimic facebook and quora and building full stack anyway as open source. It's already live on

It automatically takes in urls, image paste and links and saves it live to the cloud.

Product might die, but I will have FUN doing it. :)



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