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What a concussion looks like inside your brain

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Amazing to me that with concussions in the sports news on a daily basis, science still knows so little about what ACTUALLY happens in there. Brain cell death happens within hours.

Yeah, you'd think science could devise ways to study the concussions of athletes.

Maybe put monitors in their helmets or something?

They have helmets that can record information about the impacts, but I don't think we're there with anything to monitor brains while on the field and playing. I mean, those pictures came from MRIs, and those are not small machines.I wish I had a picture of my brain, or that they'd taken pictures after my accident.

There are better strategies for TBI detection.  Right around the corner.

"Banyan Biomarkers was founded in 2002 by Ron Hayes, PhD , Kevin Wang, PhD, and Nancy Denslow, PhD to create the first Point of Care (POC) Blood Test to diagnose traumatic brain injury (TBI). Currently no blood test exists for use by physicians to detect the presence and severity of brain trauma. Banyan Biomarkers’ research has identified unique and proprietary biomarkers present in the patient’s blood following injury to the brain. The detection and quantification of these biomarkers may provide early indications of brain trauma essential for earlier intervention and management."

First mention of Ron Hayes on PandaWhale. :)

I worked at UPMC and treated patients in their concussion program. Some with great success and some with very little. 

When it came to treating the system to provide better care and understanding I made ZERO progress.  My experience in working with physicians and researchers is that they are incapable of stepping outside their practice and view. They have made a huge sum of money from IMPACT test (questionable validity under peer review) 

I create a test I can license it and test thousands.  I could only treat at most 20 people a month. (100 contact hours). 

Modern medicine cannot function on that much patient contact.  So it is not worth looking at.  Understanding would threaten the system.  

Early diagnosis is critical for successful treatment.  A serum-based diagnostic tool will only help.

Early diagnosis.  Question did you have impact or rapid change in direction of head or spine?  

No don't worry 

Yes you have concussion 

Everything else is just a matter of degree. 

You do not even have to have impact to head.  I treated multiple people with what I call spinal concussion.  Any insult to the brain or spine causes changes in the musculoskeletal system and dural function. Every function is effected.  

Every impact must be treated.  Not just the straw that breaks the dural back.  

I was curious so I went and spent a day treating a division one hockey team. I saw five or six kids (19 years tops). I would not have cleared one to play.  (I play hockey in a non checking league and have had three insults this year alone).  Not one will make the pros and every one has life long damage. I knew of a field hockey player that had five head injuries in less than two years and fainted daily.   She was still playing for top 3 university. Note teams stopped asking for my consults. 

Nearly every person in chronic pain clinic has had multiple car accidents. On intake they are asked "is this a result of car accident" because of insurance billing but they do not ask please list all previous accidents.  

We are talking about billions of dollars and endless pain because people will not 1) admit the problem 2) prevent the problem through proper physical training or changing environments "ie take heading out of soccer or not allowing kids to play tackle football until much later... 3) stop over medicating 4) stop forcing people to fully function when they are injured and 5)realize there are physical medicine approaches that can help and are not quakery as the allopaths claim. 

The NIH spent 80 million on brain injury research last year. 

The NFL donated 30 million in pr move to the NIH as well

The programs at Michigan State University and Ohio University are amazing (I have no affiliation) and I assure you they are not getting any funding. 

The reason for my rants is that the systems are so incestuous  and geared towards expensive technology and drug companies that they refuse to acknowledge that a skilled human is the best medicine for a fellow human.   

Link to MSU Dr Briner is a gift to humanity.

Banyan employs the study of proteomics (proteins in blood serum).  Findings from their studies will produce a much less expensive and easily portable diagnostic tool.  The lion's share of their funding comes from the DOD. 

I applaud any program that measurably improves lives on zero funding.  

I can't speak directly to Banyan's research but their info reeks of marketing. The Buddha found enlightenment under a Banyan tree the tree of immortality. 

The original link quoted a one Dr Maroon, a person I would rather not be in the same room with. 

So Geege, I understand the enticing nature of it all but they boast 70 million in grants and investment.  

The following from banyan states 1.7 million ER visits ( cynically they want that market )  

What I am saying is that there are known effective treatments for those people but they are not profitable so they get zero support.

For 70,000,000 you could train 40,000 therapists to treat a major health issue that has "no known treatment"

Just saying

Your argument is valid.  :-)

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