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Networking tip: Connect every day.

Wisdom from .@ifindkarma : A good rule of thumb for networking is to connect w/ 3 people per day
9:18 AM Jul 12 2012

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I think 3 is the maximum a person can reasonably connect with in a day.

More than that, and you get exhausted, because you want to be present for every connection.

A connection can either be re-connecting with someone you already know but have not talked with recently, or it can be connecting for the first time with someone new to you.

I believe every professional should try to connect with at least 1 person every day.

I repeat: Networking is best as a habit you practice daily.

See also: Reid's rules of networking.

To repeat, "connect with at least 1 and up to 3 people per day", and each connect can be either:

  1. CONNECT with someone you've never met before. Ask for a warm introduction through a mutual connection if possible.
  2. RE-CONNECT with someone you've connected with in the past. Relationships are progressions. Regularly activate your dormant ties.

Not sure what to say when you connect or re-connect? Try offering a five minute favor.

Remember also that it's important to connect at least once every day, without breaking the chain.


Let's hope these secrets don't get into the wrong hands...

Master spoken he has. Learn we shall.

Preferred method (phone/email/Skype/etc)? Optimal duration/depth? Subject matter to avoid or focus on? General guidelines? How frequently to best connect with someone? Burnt offerings or gifts of gold?

Preferred method is whatever is mutually comfortable.

Optimal duration is under an hour; go into it with at most one main thing to offer and one main thing to ask.

Subject matter to focus on is whatever the most important thing you both could be talking about, is.

The essence of listening: try to have more questions than declarative statements.

Frequency depends on the nature of the relationship. Acquaintances are fine for every few years, but friends really should be at least a few times a year.

The best thing to offer is neither gifts nor gold, but rather a thoughtful piece of knowledge ("I learned this and thought of you") or connectivity ("I met this person and thought of you").

More questions?

Worth reading again: Reid Hoffman's rules of networking.

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