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America's Wealth Is Staggeringly Concentrated in the Northeast Corridor - Emily Badger - The Atlantic Cities

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There are more than 3,000 counties in the U.S. Of the 75 with the highest incomes, 44 are located in the Northeast, including Maryland and Virginia. The corridor of metropolitan statistical areas that runs from Washington, D.C., through Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston includes 37 of these top-earning counties (where the median family takes home at least $75,000 a year). Zoom in to the region, and it shows a kind of wealth belt unmatched even on the West Coast.

Yikes! Those fancy Northerners have all the money!!

My first reaction was to jump up and say, "That's AWESOME!" But then I looked at the map, noticed it skipped RI, confirmed it with my bank and sat back down. 

Sorry, Dawn. If Rhode Island doesn't bring up its totals it might get kicked out of the northeast. :)

It tickles me that my Fancy Pants gif appears just below this page on the home page, Geege.


Location, location, location!

Is this because the politicians and lobbyists live in the area?

That would be my guess. Plus Wall Street.


Oil Boom in North Dakota

North Dakota oil boom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

That's fascinating. And it does not even get into the wealth from fracking.

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