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BBC News - Amazon workers strike in Germany over pay

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It says Amazon is not paying them comparable rates to other warehouse staff in Germany, because the company has classified the staff as logistics workers, whose rates of pay are lower.

Verdi said in a statement: "The Amazon system is characterised by low wages, permanent performance pressure and short-term contracts."

Amazon says that they are well paid compared with other logistics workers in the country.

The union is also unhappy with what it calls the company's practice of "constant monitoring" of workers and what it says are impossible workplace targets.

Last month, an investigation by the BBC's Panorama programme into a UK-based Amazon warehouse found conditions a stress expert said could cause "mental and physical illness".

Prof Michael Marmot was shown secret filming of night shifts involving up to 11 miles of walking at the warehouse - where an undercover worker was expected to collect orders every 33 seconds.

Amazon employs more than 9,000 workers in Germany.

Later on Monday, a delegation of German workers will also protest at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle.

Solidarity, meine Lieben!  Herr Bezos, we are not your "Amazon Drones"!

So, Amazon does not live up to European standards of wages?

Why does this not surprise me?

Astonishingly frightening scale. 

Amazon will have $100 billion in annual revenue in 2015. 

That is mind blowingly huge. 

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