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The drug rep will see you now.

Nurse money

Tale of two NYTimes articles

The first on how we are drugging our children.

The second on how Glaxo is changing its practices because they are being investigated for bribery. 

Oh we are still going to bribe. Why give up something that has worked so well for 40 years? We just have to figure out a way around new disclosure laws. 

"Glaxo will continue to pay doctors consulting fees for market research because Mr. Witty said it was necessary for the company to gain insight from doctors about their products, but he said that activity would be limited in scope. A Glaxo spokesman said that each year the company spends “tens of millions” of dollars globally on the practices that it was ending, but declined to be more specific."

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“It’s a modest acknowledgment of the fact that learning from a doctor who is paid by a drug company to give a talk about its products isn’t the best way for doctors to learn about those products,” Dr. Avorn said. But he noted that Glaxo would continue to provide what the company described in a statement as “unsolicited, independent educational grants” to continue educating doctors about their products.

He said that in the past the grants had often been provided to for-profit companies that rely on such payments from drug companies, raising questions about whether they were providing truly independent information.

Mr. Witty said while the details were still being worked out, the company intended to provide such grants to respected educational institutions and medical societies. “I’d like to look for those sorts of partners, and I do not envision these partners being companies or pseudocompanies,” he said.

Glaxo is first among its peers to announce a plan to end paid-speaker programs, but it is not the only one considering such a move, said Pratap Khedkar, who oversees the pharmaceutical practice at ZS Associates, a global sales and marketing firm.

It does seem like there's still a ridiculous amount of money being spend on pharmaceutical marketing.

The industry spends around 30 billion on "detailing to doctors"

And 5 billion direct to consumers. 

That doesn't include "research and grants" that go to paying fellowships. 

If we could just get back to the core of healthcare, Doctors, Nurses, and other auxiliary staff, and the scientists that work towards bringing us better treatment options, and equipment.  Cut out all middle men, and profiteers that are skimming money out of the system, while bringing nothing to the table.  I don't like capitalism mixed with my healthcare.  (Retired Nurse)

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