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Celebrating 100 years of cr_ssw_rds | Crosswords!

Celebrating 100 years of cr ssw rds Al Jazeera America

Celebrating 100 years of cr ssw rds Al Jazeera America


The popular pastime marks its centennial — and fans say the puzzle is in its golden age

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The innovation in today's crossword puzzles would make Farrar's head spin. Today there are music puzzles, foodie puzzles, hipster puzzles, puzzles that are raunchy and lowbrow, 3-D puzzles and puzzles with words that extend outside the grid. There's even a puzzle that features a Super Mario Bros. time warp, a nostalgic homage to the video games, for 30-somethings. And a puzzle written in textspeak — srsly.

While the Internet has eroded the business model of newspapers and led some to drop crosswords, it has also freed crossword-puzzle constructors to publish puzzles on their own terms.

There was a great documentary about the New York Times puzzle maker Will Shortz. 

It is called Wordplay and it is excellent:

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