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Reality Bites China Addition


Even if you do not care about endless human rights abuses. Or that China holds 3.3 trillion in US$ reserves and under Econ war games scenarios the USA and EU would be toasted. 

The world needs to care about this.  I know it's Christmas. 

China's toxic waste environmental program is creating super bugs. 

India is at least as bad but more open so it seems worse. 

There have been 16 cases reported in the USA.  So while our Pharma cos are trying to get Viagra to two billion people, infinite deadly microbials and genetic mutations are working their way around the globe.  But no worries carry on with religious and political games. 

Remember there is Zero new antibiotics in the pipeline and the funding at NIH is down. 

"Here’s why that’s so scary. Previous research has shown that bacteria containing the NDM-1 gene were largely ineffective at transferring the gene to other bacteria. However, Alvarez and his colleagues found that bacteria carrying these genes can spread the gene to otherwise benign bacteria—meaning the gene can spread antibiotic resistance outside of sewage treatment plants."

On china

On India

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