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Mark Suster on business models, and the use of voice in mobile apps

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Every now and the Mark flexes his muscles as an economics professor and produces one of these superb posts on business models. Always interesting. Often counter to popular wisdom. Got me thinking about ad models and how to implement a business model while aligning interests of users, customers and partners. It's not as obvious as it might seem.

Are you referring to the most obvious mobile ad unit?

If so, I love the line You are the product.

And I love this Suster quote:

According to Forrester Research (2011 report) 77% users who abandoned an online purchase cite the inability to speak to some as their primary reason for leaving.

Which leads to this observation:

what form of ad unit totally KILLS it on mobile? Duh. Phone numbers. When you’re interested in a product or service and can call in a single click and connect at the point you had interest – it’s a win for both customer and merchant.

I agree, people still want calls.

This is why Google is investing so much in Google Voice.

And why Microsoft bought Skype.

It's a huge potential opportunity, and Suster's right, the New York Times got it wrong.


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