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What the Quora?

I get an email message from Quora, do you know TM?  I'm assuming it's the computer scientist and not the baseball player, so I click on it.  Quora tells me why I need to sign in, but my auto-sign-in is completely greyed out, covered by their stupid sign-in popup.  WTF Quora? 


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Quora pushing people to sign in and/or use the mobile app has lost them would-be visitors. 

They'd be quick to point out that unidentified users are bad users.

I would sign in if their stupid sign-in popup would move out of the way!

They do seem ridiculously enamored with pop-ups. 

So really there's no way around it?

Well, I'd have to go to my stored passwords, figure out what the password is, figure out which of the popup buttons it correlates to (or the tiny link underneath that I already have a Quora account) and then type it in.  It's not worth the effort.  I think their new customer acquisition process conflicts with their existing customer process.  

Yes. It's surprising that their QA didn't identify this problem.

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