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“Someone higher up bought the completely wrong software and the developers got burned” Enter Credii, Yelp for IT departments.

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Ayan Barua was caught in IT hell.

He was working as a software developer for an IT consultant shop called Sapient, and the company had assigned him to a client who needed help with a piece of business software he was intimately familiar with. The trouble is that the software was completely unsuited to what the client was trying to accomplish — and he still had to make it work.

“Someone higher up bought the completely wrong software and the developers got burned,” he remembers, declining to name the software for fear it would expose what client he was working for. “We knew it was the wrong product, but we had to keep hacking.”t’s a common problem. Inside big companies, the people buying the software don’t have all the information they need to pick the right stuff. “Companies invest a significant amount of money into tech,” Barua says, “but there’s not enough guidance readily available for them to make a decision.” That’s why Barua quit his job and started a company called Credii. You can think of it as a Yelp for IT departments. Whereas Yelp lets you see what people think of that Thai restaurant down the street or the bowling alley across town, Credii shows you what other IT folk think of certain hardware and software. It’s just one of a growing list of companies, including IT Central Station and Trust Radius, that aim to help modern IT departments make better decisions by connecting them with people who have tackled similar problems in the past.

Back before the web, if you wanted a new vacuum cleaner or a TV, you’d reach for a copy of Consumer Reports. If you were interested in finding a new restaurant, you’d look for reviews in the local paper or maybe spring for a Zagat guidebook. But the web changes the game. Now, people everywhere can post their own reviews about anything, and anyone can read them — instantly.

It only makes sense that the trend should involve IT as well as cuisine.

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