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I do not like the job creators, they want us all to just be waiters.

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I do not like this Romney Mitt.

I do not like his plans one bit!

How Romney made his money:

this makes me think of your earlier advice to a founder looking to get rich..."go to wall street" it amazes me the lifestyle my NYC/wall street friends have

They certainly make money.

But it comes at the expense of a lot of other things.

Adam, I agree with your point (you mean wall-streeters sort of sacrifice a few things in THEIR lives to get rich). And self-sacrifice might be OK.

BUT, it also comes at the expense of a lot of other things, AND people, and this people are often treated like waiters at best, or like things. And sacrificing OTHER people and/or involuntary redistributing value created by others to get rich is NOT ok in my book. Here I mean not providing capital in a win-win way, but schemes like e.g. heads my risky gamble wins, tails you, the taxpayer lose, since I take your taxes and get bailed by government since I'm "too big to fail")

See e.g.

"After rising like the Phoenix, the financial industry now accounts for about 30% of all operating profits. That’s an amazing share given that the sector accounts for less than 10% of the value added in the economy."

OR lots of data on this here

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