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Chatterbox - Sentiment Analysis API

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Will be interesting to see if this one works.

Yes, I'm curious too. I'm still skeptical that heuristics can ascertain tone.

There's a fine line between sincerity and sarcasm.

True, my hopes are related to integration of the analysis of social profile of a person with the algorithms of sentiment analysis.

Even in human communication, it is much easier to understand a person, who you know vs. the person you see for the first time.

If the sentiment analysis is happening in the context of other publications, the possibility of error can be decreased.

Another words, If I know, the guy is often being sarcastic, the "sincerity vs. sarcasm" dial can be turned toward sarcasm...

Mind of Man's psycholinguistic AI is using crowdsourcing to turn that 'dial' on its trained classifier. Check it out:

Thanks for the video, Andrea. Crowd sourcing seems like it has promise when it comes to training classifiers.

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