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Mixing It Up 50,000 Years Ago — Who Slept With Whom? : NPR

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"As someone once said," Slatkin observes, " 'If a Neanderthal came and sat next to you on a bus, you'd probably get up and change seats. But if a Homo erectus came and sat next to you on a bus, you'd probably get off the bus.' "

It's not easy sharing a bus with another species. 

I participated in the Genome project through National Geographic, and am embarrassed to say, I have 2% Neanderthal in my family line, as well as Denisovan :(  But the bright side is, that might garner me additional space on mass transit :)

I wonder how that might play out in a dating site profile, Janill .....

LOL, no kidding!  One might want to wait a bit before revealing that kind of personal information ;)

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