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Spontaneous is different than forced Happiness

A friend sent me this link.  

The headline

mindfulness is not positivity is correct

The rest of the essay is problematic and colored by an unfortunate and common misunderstanding. 

Before you read the following, think is this healthy. 

"That doesn’t mean that I’m averse to working on myself.Quite the opposite. Self-growth is of vital importance to me and I practice it a little bit every day. On the other hand, sometimes I just get in a bad mood, and might, for instance, feel like stabbing someone through the eyeball, so to speak.

The appropriate Buddhist reaction to this would be: “Note to self, I want to stab someone through the eyeball today”… without judging myself for the urge. (Although, to be fair, stabbing someone through the eyeball is not Right Action, and thinking about it is not even Right Intention.)"

Of course not. 

So yes you need to judge the poison of anger as harmful. They question is how to you heal this recurrent disease of anger that we all are infected with. 

1)Renounce it.  Vow that we are not going to do things in thought or action that feeds the flames of anger. This can be a very long list and take a very long time. 

2) transform the anger. You use the antidote of compassion. When anger arises we are compassionate with ourself and the object of the anger. 

And the big step to the final stage 2.5 is where anger arises and dissolves into compassion almost instantaneously without effort. 

3)we realize the state of natural mind, our pure nature is a place where anger cannot exist. In that state, it as if the spark of a flint stone lands on nothing.  There is nothing for it to ignite. 

It is up to the individual, and hopefully with the guidance of a teacher as to where your are in that spectrum.  If everyday you want to stab someone, probably you need a lot of renouncing and definitely need a compassionate role model.


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Mindfulness is not positivity. I had not realized that. 

Humans tend to fall into the classic half empty or half full.....humans try to learn Buddhism......humans condition Buddhism so said humans are drawn to the different sects and teachers that come from either empty or full.....then they claim the other side is incorrect. 

But what really happens. 

The glass just is and the water is  impermanent. If you just leave it as it is the water will evaporate.  We will all agree it is empty and not worthy of our effort to discuss. 

The Argument of the state of the water is discursive thought. It will evaporate.  In that empty space there is a happiness that comes from the end of the trying to win the argument internally with your self and externally with others. 

The self is the aggregate of the discursive thoughts. 

The self dissolves. 


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