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These 2 Cities Are Now Exclusively For Rich People

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I feel like if we keep sharing headlines like this, we help spread the perception and perpetuate this improperly narrow context and conversation (though in this case, they're crunching data that we've confirmed elsewhere this entire year).

Say something is for the rich & powerful, and you will hype people up who aspiring for that, as well as develop greater animosity to those marginalized by the utterance of the sentiment alone.  

I do like the interactive graphic.

I agree with you:  aspiration is good.  Cool graphics.

My point wasn't that aspiration is good, so I'm not sure what you're agreeing with...

I thought you were saying two things:  1)  Wealth inspires, 2)  Wealth excludes

Ok, yes.  Just the way you used the colon then.  haha.

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