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Facts to Share at Your Next Holiday Party: Mistletoe is Weird | Oscillator, Scientific American Blog Network

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"Mistletoe is usually pollinated by insects or by birds, which eat the berries and then help spread the seeds to other trees. The seeds are large and extremely sticky, coated in a sugary molecule called viscin. The seeds can either get stuck to the birds’ beaks, who then rub them against tree bark to get them off, or can be digested and pooped out onto trees, still sticky after their transit through the bird’s digestive system. One possible etymology of the word “mistletoe” is based on this aspect of the plant’s life cycle, coming from the german Mist–dung–and Tang–branch."

Yes, let's kiss under the dung branch.

Yuck! lol

The dung branch with the snot seeds.

hahaha!  geege... :)

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