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Reddit is in awe of this tattooed 103-year-old 'BAMF' grandma

The Daily Dot Reddit is in awe of this tattooed 103 year old BAMF grandma


Donned the “Bad Ass Mother Figure,” Kottman quickly lived up to her name. She’s lived through both World Wars, the moon landing, and 9/11 and gained a “devilish sense of adventure” after her husband died. And she’s quick to burst your bubble about any delusions you have about the past.

“Everyone looked like a bum and everyone was on drugs,” shesaid about the ’60s. “People think it was a time when the younger generation cared about change but it was actually a selfish time. I didn’t like hippies. And they ended up voting for Ronald Reagan.”

That’s just the beginning.

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She is awesome. Awesome, I tells you!

She’s experienced a lot in her 103 years, but some of her best advice is the simplest.

“Love yourself the way you are,” Kottman answered when asked how to promote lifelong happiness. “Get your priorities straight. Keep your family close. Save money for a rainy day. Laugh.”

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