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Evernote will NEVER be social.

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Evernote CEO Phil Libin flat out says it:

At Evernote we’re staying away from social in general because there are so many good apps out there already. But also, at Evernote, we’re only building it for you. Everyone is fundamentally private and personal, and only wants to share with a small group.

With photos we’re not interested doing something like Instagram, where you share and publish photos. We are interested in ways of capturing and being smart about information-rich areas in your life. Photos are a part of that.

Other things I've learned from his interview:

1. Evernote wants to store everything you've seen and done.

2. As part of 1, they're looking into ways to automate putting EVERYTHING into Evernote from all your Facebook stuff to quantified self stuff.

3. "All of our best partners are competitors. The companies we do the most work with are Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft."

4. "We are not a big data company. We may have 34 million users, but we don’t have a big data set; we have 34 million small data sets. Our goal is to be smarter about your data. Our biz model is not about trying to monetize your information. our goal is to build products that you use and fall in love with. Yes, we want to do intelligence around data related to itself but we have no plans for cross-pollination of that data."

5. Premium features include more storage, collaboration/sharing options, and faster image processing and search.

They really want people to like the product enough to pay for it.

Bless em, I like that attitude.

I love hearing people say "no" to popular features. More is not necessarily better and sometimes what something is missing can be more valuable than what is present.

They know what their product is and are building that. Awesome.

I think so, too.

I keep trying to figure out if PandaWhale (inherently social) has any way to play nicely with Evernote (inherently private).

Or do I just admit that we're from two different worlds?

Evernote's self-imposed limitation can be Pandawhale's gain: build a sharing/social functionality that integrates Evernote notebooks. :)

People might want to stash things from Evernote notebooks for discussion online or take stashed items and quickly integrate them into notebooks.

As a dedicated user of both I can say I would be likely to do both.

You're a pioneer -- the first person who lives in both worlds. :)

I will investigate what it might take to push from Evernote to PandaWhale or vice-versa.

That could have a lot of promise.

Their ad network is very targeted! I picked up @Sparrow from here.

Hey, Adam, thanks for posting this. Been a big fan of Evernote and user since 2008, premium since 2009 and have nearly 7000 notes, all manually added.

One of the things I have loved about Evernote from the start was the core attitudes that lead to:

1) "private-by-default,"

2) Own-your-own contributions

3) 100 year company

I think they realize that's a core to the "Why" of the company (per Simon Sinek's WHY/HOW/WHAT:

I think you're absolutely right that Evernote's achilles heel is their handling of sharing. Users come to them for private, but much of the information could very effectively be shared. The results of the sharing become even more valuable to the sharer as even more stored data. They offer shared notebooks, but really, that falls flat and I'm sure they know it.

What's interesting is that I think Evernote has a challenger coming up in Clipboard. has its own complicated pedigree, but their newest product is very slick and sorta like an Evernote with better sharing.

I'm not sure what you have in mind, but I know I'm already snatching articles (like this one) into evernote and then coming back to Pandawhale for the comment threads and community. I'm not yet stash-savvy mostly because I'm using Evernote (with my thousands of notes) as my mondo-stash. I lose the benefit of the threads which I have to come back to Pandawhale for.

Very interesting area to explore. Let me know if I can help in any way.