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Headbangers have been studying online piracy to see where they're most popular

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Looks like this is not true, but a good story nonetheless

Update, 7:30 p.m.: Andrew Teacher, Musicmetric's head of PR, says that the CiteWorld story referenced below is "sadly not substantiated." Furthermore, Teacher said that CiteWorld had intended to write a follow-up article to one published in The Guardian, but that the tech article "misrepresents our position by stating that the success was down to use of analytics, which we simply never said nor implied."


Rather than sue fans who illegally download Iron Maiden's music, the British heavy-metal group has begun playing concerts for them. Tech website CiteWorld reports that the headbangers have been consulting with a U.K. company called Musicmetric, which measures everything from social media chatter to how well a band performs on sites like BitTorrent. Using data from the company, the group has begun booking tours that focus on areas where interest in Iron Maiden – whether legal or illegal – runs high.

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