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It's Not Just Poor People Getting Hosed When Congress Lets Unemployment Insurance Expire

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I have no sympathy for an Ivy League-educated lawyer and a onetime chief of staff with 23 years of experience in congressional and government relations who has been well compensated along the way who has been out of work for a year.   Someone should put a boot in his backside and tell him to stop trying to find another well-compensated by taxpayer job and go get a real job in the private sector.  After a year, it's about time he rethought his priorities.  People are forced to do it in the real world all the time.

This is like a piece right out of The Onion.   

Still, unemployment insurance for the most part serves the middle class:

Roughly 40 percent of Americans who've received long-term unemployment benefits since 2008 had previously earned between $30,000 and $75,000, according to ananalysis of Census data by the White House Council of Economic Advisers. Earlierresearch by the Congressional Budget Office has shown that more than two-thirds of recipients had annual incomes more than twice the poverty level and that such households received 70 percent of all unemployment payments.

Of course unemployment serves a purpose--for the truly needy and deserving to get through a very trying time.  That person they hold up as an example in the article however sounds like he's in denial and part of the political entitlement class.  The idea that someone would promote him a good example shows how far we've sunk. 

I also have no sympathy for this tool.  In senior politics, if no one is offering you a job, you're a nobody.  Top operatives get offered jobs constantly and repeatedly.  If no one is offering you a job in politics, your only option, other than doing something else, is to create your own by finding a candidate and putting him in office.  If he can't do that, he doesn't deserve to be there....His own intransigence actually proves Rand Paul's point. If his UE hadn't been extended, he would've been forced to improvise his own subsistence. Maybe even *GASP* gotten a job outside of Washington!

So the HuffPo ruined its argument with a bad example.

There are people who are truly hurt by the expiration, but this article does them a disservice.

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