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Sheex: Performance Enhancing Sheets |

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The premise: Sheex are more breathable, which helps your body regulate temperature, and prevents your sleep from being interrupted. Temperature and sleep quality are closely related. Human body temperature drops slightly just before sleep. According to Sheex, cotton sheets trap heat and can wake you up. Because ultra high-gauge, knit polyester spandex Sheex breathe better, they let your body temperature fluctuate without disturbing your REM.

Sheex release some heat while still keeping you warm and cozy, simultaneously wicking away moisture, a bonus for those who tend to sweat at night. Sleeping better and longer improves heart rate, mood, weight loss, energy and athletic performance.

Sheex are soft to the touch, and this tester—a diehard cotton-lover—has been catching some ZZZs on them for several months now. Bonus: These sheets won’t wrinkle, shrink or fade, and they’re pull- and pill- resistant.

Sounds like there should be sheex pajamas, too.

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