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IBM's 5 in 5: The five ideas that will change your life



The theme of this year's list (below) is "in the future everything will learn."

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1. Buying local will beat online

Bernie Meyerson, vice president of innovation at IBM, told the co-hosts of "CBS This Morning"that "bottom line, you walk in, you want to buy a camera for $1,000, you would really like to have a feel for this."

(Credit: IBM)

That does not mean we will revert to how we used to shop. Meyerson said the future of shopping is a convergence of online and brick-and-mortar shopping, where a retailer knows your preferences and is prepared to tailor to your needs.

"Imagine walking into a store that knew your persona," Meyerson said. "It knows what you like. It actually directs you to the place where those cameras are located, and somebody meets you there. And if you like it, you press a button. It identifies you maybe from a fingerprint, and you go out the door and they hand you the camera."

Apple Store is the future. You still need a place to try before you buy.

A place to bring back your damaged items to get them repaired.

A place to learn to use what you buy.

By the way I want a digital guardian now!

Very interesting life changing ideas :)

1. I have increased my local shopping, mostly foods and crafts, but still spend a majority at big chain stores, and Amazon.  I live in a small community (less than 20k), so we have limited choice, and often higher prices in town.

2.  I hope we can improve our care through the use of DNA, but our behemoth healthcare system needs to be reined in first, or the percent one spends on healthcare per year will only increase.

3. Digital guardian would be great, I hate the password system; which in order to keep track of them, I have them written everywhere, NOT very secure!

4.  Personalized education would be great, and would help each child maximize their learning.  I imagine it's very difficult to teach to a 30 student class, the smarter kids get bored, and aren't challenged, and the struggling kids continue to fall behind, if they have not mastered previous material, yet are pushed forward into new material.  I think it's still good to do portions of education in a large classroom setting, and also to have teachers work with you (not just a computer program).

5. I don't see traffic improving, unless we could get an increase in varied shift times, decrease in personal vehicles, and/or more efficient and desirable mass transit.

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