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TEDxTeen - Jeremy Heimans - Aim Higher Than President - YouTube

Source: YouTube Video

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Movement Entrepreneurs... next level thinking

Wait, what's higher than President? I need to watch this...

Well worth the watch!

The United Nations is so big and complex that people are conditioned to not make big changes.

Same with national governments.

President faces corporations, lobbyists, filibusters, political parties, and other constraints to change.

So how do we create political change as an outsider?

Social movements through technology.

GetUp has more members than all political parties of Australia combined.

Feels like a combination of and ...

Imbalance of power at global level: Multinational Corporations + Governments > Ordinary People

So they created which now has over 7 million members.

Avaaz has changed things in places like Brazil.

And it has given a rise to "movement entrepreneurs".

Small groups of nimble people who are able to say no can build leaderless movements that can survive a loss of members. They build face-to-face ORGANIZATIONS, not just Internet-only memes.

Whatever issue you care about, a small group of nimble outsiders can bring change.

Movements built beyond the personality of the leaders .. I think is essential to givers. A friend said recently  “True leadership brings followers into leadership and makes itself increasingly unnecessary.” 

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