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A little card trick shuffling cards like a boss. Cardistry!


Thank you LeJoker for making this gif.

little card trick shuffling cards like a boss gif Cardistry Imgur

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Awesome sauce:

The cardist above explains on Reddit:

My name is Jaspas and I'm a cardist from Singapore. What you see above is one of the many beautiful moves of cardistry. Cardistry really is a strange world of dancing cards and gravity defying stunts. It's a world in which even the simplest moves require hours and hours of practice to learn, so to be appreciated by so many people really is an honour.

Plug for the underrated cardistry subreddit:

Co-founder of Virtuoso explains:

To clarify, the card flourish is called 'Waterwheel' and is based on a concept co-created by Singaporeans Huron Low and Elijah Cai, that was eventually honed and refined by Daren Yeow of Virtuoso into the current version that's been made popular now.

More card flourishes:

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