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The Future of the Military is Robots Building Robots

The Future of the Military is Robots Building Robots


Taking an approach of process over platforms could maintain U.S. advantage by building unmanned aircraft using short development cycles and accelerated production schedules that would lower both the overall cost of the program and the cost of building each individual aircraft. A fleet of such aircraft could be developed and produced adaptively, changing and growing to address threats as they emerge. A vision for this approach involves using advanced manufacturing technologies, including 3-D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) and integrated robotic assembly, to rapidly produce unmanned aircraft systems. Making that vision a reality will mean using digital technology -- data files for the production of aircraft components, software-driven assembly using robotic builders, and computerized remote piloting -- to generate a paradigm shift in the development of combat aircraft.

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If robots are able to make robots that can build other robots, then what can ever stop the system of robots from getting increasingly more powerful and unstoppable?

Automating the military industrial complex has frightening implications.

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