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What If Wealthy College Kids Were Required to Do Low-Wage Jobs?

What If Wealthy College Kids Were Required to Do Low Wage Jobs Michelle Sutherland The Atlantic


The pros and cons of an internship program that tries to teach students about class divisions.

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As with most things, what you get out of it is what you put into it:

Not everyone gets the same experience out of the program. Some students don’t take it seriously and skip out on work. Others, like Nejjar’s sister Soraya, are assigned to firms where there isn’t as much income inequality—though Soraya still found the experience useful to learn about leadership.

Sawsene Nejjar found her experience to be illuminating. Over time she became close with her co-workers, and two years later she continues to drop by and visit. Still, Murray expressed doubt about the internship’s effectiveness toward providing a full understanding of other classes, citing his and others’ experience with Thailand.

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