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The Muscle & Fitness Home Gym Guide

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Solid advice on equipment to work out at home, although to be honest I think acquiring a solid foundation of basic barbell lifts in the gym is important before you go with oddball equipment. That said, I have the "Strength" size Ultimate Sandbag and I love it! The best workout is the one you actually do regularly, and for a lot of people working out at home is always going to be more convenient than going to the gym.

Did you decide not to have basic barbells because the sandbag is enough?

You need more than just barbells: you need a cage, benches, enough room to work out safely, etc. It's not that practical for most people to have that kind of equipment at home.

There's a few exercises that I find beneficial that are hard to do with a sandbag, in particular the pulling exercises such as lat pull, deadlift, and cable row. Occasionally I will go to a gym and hit those just to be sure I still can :).

But the truth is that even for people like me who enjoy working out and go to the gym frequently if it's like a block away from work, it's often preferable to have home equipment. Guess what, even fairly hard-core gym rats will skip workouts if they have to drive and park and wake up early and fight the crowds! Also I'm probably at a point in my fitness journey where I'm not necessarily trying to achieve big new goals... but more to keep working what I have, not get bored, and avoid injury. So the sandbag works for me, and I'm thinking of the fitness bands from this article... but like I say, I would not necessarily recommend them for people who do not have a solid foundation in the basic lifts.

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