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A VC's Office Designed To Put Nervous Entrepreneurs At Ease | Fast Company

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"Barnes wants to change that experience, and not just because he feels for startup founders. He doesn't think that formal setups yield very good results on his side of things. In pitch meetings, the stakes are certainly higher for entrepreneurs. But Barnes also benefits from creating a more comfortable and open environment: "You're looking for what is that unique insight, that point of view, that thing that no one else sees," he explained. "If you can create a conversation where that can really come out, and can give them the comfort to put as much of themselves out on the table as possible, you learn a lot more about them."

Since a venture capitalist's job is to say no 99% of the time! the purpose of this office design is to:

1. Get people to reveal as much as possible quickly so he can decide yes/no quickly.

2. Convince the 1% of yes's to commit to him.

Or convince the 99% he said no to, to come back to him to be the 1% next time.  I can't tell you how a quick, well reasoned, respectful no with some constructive criticism and feedback is super-valuable to an entrepreneur.

Agreed. Constructive no's are a lost art. 

Some other reason, is that he is much more comfortable on his designed environment, and maybe for him to say no all the time in a place he feels better, is easier too. 

I love how entrepreneurs defy common sense, even on the tiny little thinks as change the appearance of their workplace. No matter what they start, they help us seeing things on a new perspective. Amazing!

You have to defy common sense to be an entrepreneur. 

No sensical person would make such sacrifices!

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