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2014 #SelfieOlympics Have Begun







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Do selfie olympics have any rules? Or is it more of a free-for-all to have an excuse to post more selfies?

Caroline Moss explains:

Selfie Olympicsimage-52c7a083030ac-pNDo.png 

We're only three days into a new year and there's already a trend taking Instagram and Facebook by storm: The Selfie Olympics.

(Consider 2013 our training year.)

Now, teenagers and 20-somethings are hashtagging their way to ironic infamy, as the first official games only has one goal: to take the most ridiculous, crazy selfie and blow everyone's mind.

Facebook page that popped up this morning has already garnered about 30,000 'likes', and if you search #SelfieOlympics on Instagram, you'll find over 20,000 photos. A handful of Twitter accounts dedicated to the trend have emerged as well. 

(Warning: many of the images on Instagram are very NSFW, so search with caution.)

These photos are on the official Facebook page:

Selfie Olympics

Selfie Olympics

It's every man for himself in the Selfie Olympics, and there's no clear path which one can follow to become a winner. It's similar to 2011's obsession with planking, but can it last all year? Won't people get tired? 

A bonus: A fake story is currently circulating about a teen who died trying to take a selfie for the Selfie Games. None of the reports in this story are confirmed.

As website Voxxi points out, the door selfies are popular amongst contestants.

Pace yourselves, tributes. 

If you're interested in participating in the Selfie Olympics, here is a simple how-to video for taking a "door selfie":

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