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You Can Run, But You Can't Die

First Rule of the Fake Dead Bankers Club Stay Gone The Daily Beast


You can run but you can’t die.

That’s the message that Aubrey Lee Price learned today. The 47-year-old financier disappeared in the summer of 2012 after having allegedly embezzled $17 million from a Georgia Bank, and had told associates he was going to kill himself.

For a high-flying financier gone bad, faking your own death is a tempting escape from legal woes. But it’s very difficult to carry off in this day and age. 

Even the best fugitives get found out. If you have enough cash and are sufficiently wily, you can live off the grid. But that means going off the grid entirely—and many fugitives aren’t willing to do so. 

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But if he had converted his ill gotten gains into Bitcoins... yeah, he'd still have trouble getting them.

Crime doesn't pay.

Oh, I think crime pays fairly well.  It's the spending part afterward that's a real bitch...

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