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What is a Distribution Hacker?

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@daniellemorrill writes:

The distribution hacker's job is to conduct hundreds of experiments and objectively quantify the results to discover unfair advantages, and exploit them.

The ultimate goal is to build systems and processes that create a long-term competitive advantage for your company that will last long after you are gone.

It starts with you, but over time you will build a team to scale your processes as you make more discoveries and layer in more tactics. By the time I left Twilio, I had hired dozens of people who worked for me or on other teams to execute on the distribution hacks we had turned into business processes.

Ultimately distribution hacking is about thinking and acting for the long term by re-imagining your company’s entire approach to product distribution.

I think of distribution hacking as a sub-discipline of growth hacking that focuses on ways to get distribution.

Whereas growth hacking focuses on automata lie systems such as viral loops and feedback systems, distribution hacking focuses on more human-oriented systems such as building community.

That's right: what we used to call "community manager" is now "distribution hacker".

Good times.

Danielle's new svbtle blog focuses on distribution hacks:

David Kaye of Gaming Insiders and Mike Sego of Gaia are launching a Gaming Insiders sister group for growth in games:


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