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The newer therapies - Gendlin

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Arrested Growth, Arrested Living The nature of psychosis and neurosis is arrested growth, or arrested living, not pathological contents. Therapists are not so interested in elaborating and understanding strange ways of being as in moving beyond them. From this new viewpoint the most interesting thing about a delusional system would not be its content or symbolic meaning but the living and relating, the absence of which it marks. The effort would not be to interpret it but to contact the person deeply and simply in spite of it. In the newer therapies there is, therefore, much less fear of seemingly pathological entities. Growth and inward richness are the heritage of any human being, and nothing that arises in a person is viewed as inherently sick or wrong or to be feared. The aim is not somehow to do away with seemingly insane content but to enable people to live and interact more fully and to get feelingly in touch with themselves. Therapy is personal growth, not a cure.

Not Adjustment It follows also that these therapies, at least avowedly, are not trying to adjust anyone to society as it is. Rather, they are trying to overcome the stultifying and retarding effects of socialization. In these newer views, it is the dehumanizing, threatening, conventionalizing effects of society that are pathological, not inward contents of a person.

To some extent. 

But there are still pathological behaviors such as desire to hurt others that are not acceptable. 

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