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Individualism in Overdrive -

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A few of them are surviving members of the “greatest generation,” which we justly lionize for its sacrifices. Where are our sacrifices today? Our investments in the greater good?

In ourselves we invest plenty.

Fascinating to accuse Tim Ferriss of being selfish and narcissistic:

To Ferriss’s thinking, yes, and I fear he’s not exotic in this regard. While I doubt there will be a rush on starter pistols by airline passengers — it’s just too much trouble, and too bizarre — his overarching interest in gaming the system at hand is mirrored in other Americans’ behavior. So is his emphasis on personal advantage over the public good, which would be undermined if every traveler did as he counseled. There’d be bedlam in airport security operations and a ludicrous number of people carrying around what could be mistaken for lethal weapons.

Selfishness run amok is a national disease (and, to judge by Greece, Italy and a few other European countries, an international epidemic). Too many people behave as if they live in a civic vacuum, no broader implications to their individual behavior.

They game, connive, cheat...

On the other hand, there are people who don't game, connive, and cheat, but those people seem like they're in the minority now.

It's too bad that Character isn't valued more highly in 2012 America.

Having said that, here are some of Ferriss's other travel tips.

Hah... funny...Tim Ferris is an entreatment guy, he entertains by challenging common norms. Taking his advise seriously is similar to getting health tips from Doctor OZ or mental health help from Doctor Phil:)

Also, where is the connection between airport security, in it's current implementation, and greater good?... :)

You are correct on both counts, sir.

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