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Vizio Abandons 3D Television

Vizio announces its first consumer 4K TVs kills all 3D support The Verge


But for all that Vizio's 2014 TV lineup may be gaining (the regular 1080p models are looking better than ever), it lacks one notable thing: 3D. The company has done away with 3D playback entirely. That's a sudden and major break from the industry trend of stuffing 3D support into every TV that leaves a manufacturing line. It's also a major blow to 3D in the living room; Vizio sells the most TVs of any company in the US. But Vizio is confident that consumers won't miss it; in fact, the decision was made because Vizio's current customers simply aren't viewing content in 3D often. In 2014, Vizio seems willing to sacrifice what some may consider a gimmick in pursuit of a better picture.

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Basically 2014 is the year that everyone's attention turns from 3D to 4K. Vizio is on the trend.