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Fantasy Football League Forces Last Place Finisher to Retake the SAT

Fantasy Football League Forces Last Place Finisher to Tackle the SAT WSJ com


Of the 33 million Americans who played fantasy sports last year, 77% participated in a football league, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. For all their popularity, though, fantasy-football leagues have an incentive problem: Near the end of the season, if a player can't win the championship, why should he pay attention?

The solution for some leagues is retribution to make sure that all players stay involved—especially when they can't win the championship.

The penance in Mr. Bean's league of eight friends, including engineers and attorneys, isn't as permanent as a tattoo or as gross as being pelted with tomatoes, which are some other popular last-place penalties. But it is mortifying. The owner of the worst team temporarily relives high school by having to take the SAT college-entrance exam. Afterward, to make matters worse, he is required to share his score with the league.

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If that doesn't motivate you, nothing will.

Wait, what?  33 MILLION Americans??  That's more than 10% of our ENTIRE population!!

I think that some people are being counted more than once because they're in multiple leagues.

I believe there are 33 million accounts, not 33 million people.

But the article says...never mind.  Check this out.  I hope it doesn't ruin anyone's fantasy:  

According to, the positive test was triggered by Welker taking ecstasy—or MDMA—laced with amphetamines while attending the Kentucky Derby in May. Deadspin points out MDMA is itself an amphetamine, “but that would trigger the NFL's recreational drug policy, not its PED policy. So there is a different type of amphetamine in play here.”

While the 33-year-old’s drug of choice, almost certainly wasn’t meant to boost his on field performance, it did seem to enhance his performance at the Derby. While cashing a bet, a Churchill Downs cashier mistakenly overpaid the Broncos star some $15,000, and Welker, as really sweet dudes do, began handing out $100 bills to passersby. 

Have you seen the photo of him handing out $100 bills? It's hilarious!

And yes, that ruined lotsa fantasy teams this week:

By the way, he denies taking it intentionally:

Wes Welker drug policy statement flawed meme imgur SBNation

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