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24 Awesome Skills to Learn for Free Online

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Above: gifs from Imgur page of 24 free skills you can learn online:

Below: I cut n pasted snazzy's comment:

Dr This list of free internet knowledge was compiled in an /r/ thread 3 years ago.

Schools and Universities:

Other General Sites:

Computer Related:




eBooks/Online Books/Academic Journals:

Other Subjects:

And I'll add to this my list of Java specific learning that I'm sorting though.


--GA Tech Free Java Learning Materials

--Blue Pelican Java Textbook

--MIT 6.092 Intro to Programming in Java

--CalTech CS Java Track (This is just a syllabus, with assignments and labs, but you can work through it the same way the students did)

--ORACLE's Java Tutorials

--FHDA Community College Intro to Java Course

edit: sooo that got more replies than I thought it would. A lot of people made some great points and suggestions to update and amend the list (it is 3 years old after all). I'm going to go through all the replies over the next few days and edit this post with the new additions and updated links people replied with. Thank you for the gold!

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