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Adventures in Capitalism: Why Socialcam Will Fail*

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Interesting analysis.

Huge congrats to the team.

Chris says it excellently:

Apparently the founders of SocialCam agreed with my reasoning. They just sold their "superhot" startup to Autodesk for $60 million.

Now don't get me wrong, $60 million is a good amount of money. The founders will do well, and I'm pretty sure that the investors will also make money. Digg's investors *wish* they could sell their company for $60 million. But it's a far cry from Instagram's $1.2 billion.

Could not have said it better myself.

I've been thinking about this.

When I watch a video on a mobile device (see: YouTube) I can watch videos that literally cost millions of dollars to make. Many of the popular videos on YouTube are movie trailers, music videos, and films produced by indie/prosumer-style video shops.

Naturally, the photos I view on the Internet are very different. I view photos in a social context. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. And the signal to noise ratio on instagram is actually greater, because folks selectively choose what they post with greater conscious thought than with Facebook.

People on instagram focus on creating beauty by telling their story. While folks certainly could do that using a mobile device to create their story through video, right now most of that creation is happening on desktop and laptop computers. Unsurprisingly then, many of the most-watched socialcam videos were YouTube videos.

This makes sense.

I believe the apps that win in the consumer/creation market simplify the process of creating beauty; the process of telling one own's story simply and effortlessly.

Have you seen Cinemagram?

Meanwhile, after this Socialcam pretty much disappeared.

I have not. Checking out now.

What do you think?

I think it has a LOT of potential, and I created a Cinemagram stash.

Of its own accord, it seems like a great tool.

I'm worried about the amount of apps folks can track ... I'm not sure I'd use this tool, but it seems powerful and a really good community experience.

It is and it is. And its product is very cool animated gifs.

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