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Do more favours and boost your career at the same time, by Leah Eichler

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From the Great White North..featuring the one and only ….Adam Rifkin 

This quote is good:

“There is an economy in a network,” Mr. Rifkin said, “but the money in that network is not valued in dollar bills but in favours, and it gets stronger as people do favours for each other.”

More about that:

“It doesn’t cost money or even a lot of time but it adds a lot of value. A little from you could make a big difference for someone else,” Mr. Rifkin said.

I keep telling all my billionaire clients the same thing.  "C'mon it's just couch change to you--live a little!"

And what do they say?

I am not sure this is about "money" per se, it is more about opening doors.   

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