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Research on World Protests 2006-2013

Research on World Protests 2006-2013

By Hernán Cortés Saenz - Columbia University and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Project mapping world protests around the globe (2006-2013) with the Initiative for Policy Dialogue of Columbia University and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung New York Office.

This document paper profiles  843 protests occurring between January 2006 and July 2013 in 87 countries covering over 90% of world population. The paper focuses on: (i) major grievances driving world protests (ii) who is demonstrating, what protest methods they use, and who are they opposed to (iii) achievements and repression of social movements in the short term, and (iv) the main policy demands of world demonstrators. The paper calls for policy-makers to listen, and this past couple of days. The authors met with activists from around the world and presented  finding to a selection of delegates working on the post 2015 development goals at the United Nations, urging them to listen to peoples' demands. The paper, published by the Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia University and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung New York Office, is available here:   

"Our times demand a new definition of leadership - global leadership. They demand a new constellation of international cooperation - governments, civil society and the private sector, working together for a collective global good." Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Speech at World Economic Forum Davos, Switzerland (29 January 2009)


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Much better title but I'm curious: What is the biggest grievance among protestors in the world?

1. Wealth and income inequality?

2. Governments doing bad things to people?

3. Global climate change?

...or something else?

I believe your questions are valid, if we look at what is taking place globally in various sectors, it is about "Protest of powerful vs powerless" and something is occurring in the world  " The Dark Side of Globalization"

I'm trying to understand what the powerless want:

1. Wealth and income equality?

2. Governments to stop bombing people?

3. Fighting global climate change?

...or something else? What is their #1 issue?

It is difficult for me to answer again this is my view.  I am assuming when income is steady and people feel empowered financially and their basic survival is not under threat, most people don't get involved in protests this is my opinion. Most people get involved in protests because they have a view on how powerful individuals, governments and corporations and organizations have made living on earth unbalanced with their greed, monopoly and at the same time the destruction of humanity and the environment I suppose ...everyone is fighting for a cause and so are celebs these days... ultimately basic survival is under threat for many. I was reading this post may be it will answer some of the questions.

That does answer some questions.

There is no one, unified movement.

People feel used and abused but they cannot quite pinpoint the reason why.

Perhaps all of the above and more.

Perhaps it's not even by design -- perhaps it's a consequence of winner-take-all.

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