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NSA spying I guess we as Civil Society never had digital end point rights?

 NSA spying PRISM VIDEOKurt Opsahl, a senior staff attorney with the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) gives a very enlightening presentation at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress (30c3) in Hamburg about NSA spying.

I believe we should all watch this video if you care about your #digitalprivacyrights  Do we as end users have any digital rights? in the 21st Century  “Through a PRISM, Darkly: Everything we know about NSA spying”  video below. 

So does it really matter that the authorities are collecting metadata about communications?  Recall that speech  President Obama assuring the public about the NSA’s mass-collection of data.  full Transcript: Obama’s Remarks on NSA Controversy

Opsahl’s presentation makes very clear that metadata is valuable. Catch the conversation on twitter.


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Another strategy: don't put anything online that you want to be private.

Agreed with Adam's point, unfortunately majority of the users are using technology, devices and mobile tools and living in the digital age and majority of the Internet Technology companies are utilizing our data and information mainly for the monetary gains and don't care about users privacy or protection rights. 

Companies -- and government organizations! -- will repeatedly use and abuse any data we put online.

Whether or not we stop them from doing that, it seems smart to keep as much as possible offline.